T-shirts worn by the family of a pediatric cancer patient.



Stories from the Center is a photo series that places the richly diverse individuals of the Texas Medical Center on full display. It features not only doctors, but also nurse practitioners, research scientists, and other essential members of the healthcare landscape. Perhaps most importantly, it reveals the powerful experiences that shape and inspire each persons' unique practice of medicine. 

The earliest rumblings of this project occurred in April 2016, when I photographed a St. Baldrick's event in Houston (if you aren't familiar with the foundation, it's a charity best known for fundraisers where people shave their heads in solidarity with pediatric cancer patients). I met current patients, survivors, their families, and members of the healthcare teams that stand alongside these brave individuals.

At the time, I was a first year medical student in the middle of a semester featuring classes in infectious diseases, neuroscience, and behavioral sciences--in other words, the grind. Getting to witness the courage, strength, and resolve of the people in that room was not only a breath of fresh air, but also a call to action. I drove home that day with a full heart and a nonspecific desire to do something that would make people feel the same way.

I won't go too far into the specifics, but I decided to pursue a project that would inject a bit of optimism, positivity, and humanity into conversations about medicine.

This first batch of stories focuses on healthcare professionals.  I'm currently working on getting the legal permissions together for a series on the other half of the healthcare interaction--the patients. In the meantime, I'll be updating this page with new stories from around the Center. Enjoy, and of course, share the stories however you'd like!


-Daniel Wang